When was the last time you were assessed from foot to head by an health expert?  This is a truly unique experience to explore your body’s potential.

Before seeing us you will have filled out a full record of your health and past injuries which gives us an understanding of how your body might have reached the way it feels today.

No joint or muscle is overlooked. We will map your skeleton from foot to head finding out what each joint can and can’t do. We want to know what moves and what doesn’t. What causes pain or discomfort.

We use state of the art technology to assess your gait and standing posture. This helps to build a picture of how your body might be compensating.

Once we have all the information – we can then build a bespoke programme to move your body forward on the journey to feeling great again.

Our expectations from you – absolute commitment to the process, commitment to homework, valuing yourself highly enough to make getting you moving well your number one priority!

Ellie Williams – Move Well

How the body is all connected

An abundance of energy and determination to get you moving well, working with Elle is an experience not to be missed!

Ellie Williams is based in Bishops Stortford and London is an expert at helping people with chronic and seemingly unsolvable pain. Mapping the body in detail, Elle is always asking  “Why has your body got the way it has?”  She not only looks at what the body is showing, she also looks into the mindset of why you might be in pain and what we need to do to move both body and brain beyond this.

Available in Hertfordshire or London.